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Middletons is approaching its 20th anniversary.

Who are we and what are we about? Quite simply, we are a retailer in Norfolk who love quality footwear and clothing and hope that is reflected in the product we offer in store.

We are always looking for new products that excite us, but it must also meet our strict criteria when it comes to both quality and company ethics.

Moving forward we have decided to do things a bit differently online, we are not going to have a webstore as such, we believe that when it comes to footwear and clothing nothing can compare to actually trying the garment on. Quality garments are all about how they feel, how they fit and how they make you feel. That is not something that can be felt looking at images online.

Therefore we have decided to change our website to a blog, more a magasine style website, we will of course have product that excites us, but it won’t just be product we sell in store, it will be things that make us smile. So if you like nice things check back in and hopefully the things we like may make you smile too.

Of course if you see an item of clothing that you like and would like to order drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to put it online for you to order. It will also give us a chance to discuss sizing and fit, which means far less chance of you having the hassle of returns.

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